vesano 1.0

Our story started with a little pizza oven in the winter of 2020.

With more time and dissatisfaction with American pizzas dominant in Lethbridge, we began to experiment with different recipes, hoping to come up with airy yet crunchy crusts of Neapolitan style pizzas.

Half a year later, we started to sell Neapolitan pizzas out of our van-converted pizza truck! It was an instant hit, people loved our pizzas so much that they didn’t mind 1-hour wait just for a bite. In addition to the friendships with our customers, we had such a blast collaborating with local breweries, coffee houses, artists and business.

Summer 2021 has taught us the value and importance of community, which made us decide to pivot for Vesano 2.0, a more community-focused operation.

vesano 2.0
22 - onwards

During off season, we travelled in Europe and visited many local restaurants. The culinary culture in Europe is quite different from American counterparts, from the design to the quality of the ingredients to how owners interact with customers.

Many restaurants integrate local arts on their wall, promoting local artists meanwhile giving out a highly aesthetic atmosphere to diners. Owners and chefs take great pride in the food and service offered, you’ll actually see the chef or owner coming out to greet each table after meals. They strive for perfection in food provided, using only in-season produce, meat or seafood.

It was simply incredible, each restaurant is like a human being , all unique and memorable.

With such a relaxing environment, people slow down and really enjoy the moment. Restaurant is not plainly a place to fill the stomach, it becomes a ground to connect with friends, to indulge oneself and to appreciate the beauty of design and art.

Returning to Canada inspired, we want to bring the awe we felt in Europe to you.

Here at Vesano, we want you to be like a cat, to simply take your time to enjoy the moment. A moment crafted to you by your local artists, farmers and us.

Artists, crafters, please contact us for collaboration!